Work Packages of the Project

Project Management

The coordinator, Blenders, takes a leading role in the management of the project, adopting a holistic approach underpinned by a set of principles and methodologies. The management strategy underlines the partnership’s commitment to the success and effectiveness of the Buddy Migrants project. We facilitate seamless coordination and information sharing throughout the project lifecycle by identifying impact measures and potential challenges, incorporating the Theory of Change as an intervision tool, and frequent monitoring reports and digital meetings.

Pedagogical toolkit and curriculum for teachers

This work package is poised to yield a set of impactful outcomes, designed to empower educators and enhance the quality of intercultural and global citizenship education. The key results encompass:

A Handbook for Teachers, comprising scientific publications, official policy documents, technical resources related to education, available educational courses, educational practices and documentation of educational projects and initiatives.
These elements will be presented in a cohesive and consolidated manner. Thematic areas covered include intercultural education, global citizenship education, human rights education, and education for sustainable development.

A Curriculum with four integral components. An analysis of theoretical concepts and methodologies fro intercultural and global citizenship education, with a special focus on teaching in multicultural and multilingual classrooms. Information on topics such as migration, social inclusion, protection, discrimination, inequalities, and equal opportunities. A learning course designed to enhance teachers’ competencies. Tailor-made activities and resources for teachers, including objectives and step-by-step guidelines.
While the first three parts are common to all project countries, the activities are customized to align with each country’s education systems, priorities, and partner capacities. After pilοting phase, the curriculum will be finalized integrating valuable feedback provided by engaged teachers who actively participate in the “co-creation” of content.

Online educational platform

This work package aims to culminate in the creation of a comprehensive online educational platform designed to enhance intercultural and global citizenship education. The platform encompasses various functionalities to cater to the diverse needs of educators, students, and local networks. The core components of the platform are:

The pedagogical toolkit and curriculum for teachers

Examples of activities and their Results derived from the curriculum

Examples of actions derived from local networks

An interactive community area such as forum,chat room etc

Some additional functionalities for each user

Both versions of the online platform—desktop and mobile application—will be freely and openly accessible to all interested users, ensuring widespread availability and inclusivity.

Inclusive local networks and local actions

The main results of this Work Package refer to the establishment of local networks of EU native and TCN (third country national) parents who will be meeting regularly, share their concerns, learn from each other, and subsequently build friendly relationships based on mutual respect of different cultures.


More specifically, through the operation of the local networks, the TCN parents will collect valuable practical information from EU native parents about issues of concern in their daily life. Even if EU native parents do not have first-hand experience and knowledge in certain areas, such as various legal processes, they can refer TCN parents to others or they can mobilise their networks and the project partners. The idea behind the result of the local networks is that EU native parents become familiar with the challenges that TCN parents face and prevent the full social inclusion of their families.

Communication and Dissemination

The main results of this work package are the elaboration of the project dissemination strategy and the implementation of all promotional activities such as the launch event (at the beginning) and the multiplier event (at the end) in the project countries.
The active use of the social media accounts and the dynamic updating of the website will maintain a critical mass of regular visitors and give the project high visibility.

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